Your Ideas

We want you to help us decide how to spend the shop’s profits, recycling them to benefit our community.

Some ideas are: water fountains for refillable bottles and recycling bins for plastic.

We’d love to hear your ideas to encourage sustainability and a plastic free environment.

Also if you would like to see this shop a more permanent feature on the high-street and would like us to stock products that make it possible to shop with ‘zero waste’ in mind, refillable products etc, please let us know if you would be a customer.


2 thoughts on “Your Ideas”

  1. I’m a passionate user of cloth nappies. If there is anything I can do to help people who are new to cloth or just considering it, I would love to volunteer some of my time.
    How about a periodic nappy support group- like breastfeeding support groups- where parents can discuss options, see and feel nappies, and check fit etc? It could be advertised by health visitors, at children’s centres and in antenatal waiting rooms. If you think this sounds like a good idea, please drop me an email.

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    1. Hi Rachel, this is fabulous idea. We are in negotiations to extend our time in the shop. Either way, we would love to have your details on file for when we are able to schedule something like this.

      Please email us at: with this information and I will pass it on to our volunteer coordinator

      Warm wishes



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